Be a Fan in the Stand

In partnership with Chelmsford High School Boosters' winter fundraising event, we invite families of Chelmsford Middle School Hockey and CHA to participate in our "Fans in the Stands" campaign .

This event is exclusively offered to families of youth hockey.


We are excited to be offering individual "Photo Cut-Outs" that will be places throughout the Chelmsford Forum.  

You will never miss another game AND the perfect way to support your athlete when you can't be there!


Here is how it works, simply take a picture, from the waist up in your best fan wear showing off your support. Upload your high resolution photo and we will do the rest. We will escort your image to your seat and secure you for the entire winter season for all home games at the Chelmsford Forum for both high school and  youth games.


 Your image will be visible to your athletes, they will know you're there supporting them and their teammates every game. Your photo will be digitally enhanced and printed on a 2'x3' weather resistant indoor-outdoor rigid material.


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