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CHELMSFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL HOCKEY offers players an opportunity for additional skill development while still playing for their current team.  Additionally, middle school hockey allows a venue for children to play the sport they love with friends and classmates by joining together players from different organizations, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to play together.  


Our philosophy was adopted by a group of parents who encourage a positive environment that supports teamwork, discipline and exceptional sportsmanship while having fun on the ice. Chelmsford Middle School Hockey is all inclusive and welcomes boys and girls from grades 5, 6, 7 & 8.  We also encourage coaches from both club and town programs to inspire players to join Chelmsford Middle School Hockey.

Chelmsford Middle School Hockey is registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a 501(c)(3) non profit, charitable organization.  

Although our program operates independently from local youth hockey programs, including high school athletics, we have developed unique strategies aimed at preparing our middle school hockey players today for tomorrows high school athletic experience. Moreover, we have coupled our goals with the goals of Chelmsford High School Varsity Hockey. Coach Kevin Leonard shall serve in an advisory ambassador of  CMSH providing guidance and direction overseeing hockey operations.  

Our Goal

Is to cultivate a program that offers

a fun environment for children who love hockey. Provide additional opportunities to develop skills and promote player development along with personal growth. It is the ideal venue to join together classmates and friends as they begin to prepare for Chelmsford High School Hockey.

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